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August 26, 2005 Peter Wallenberg Learning Theater, Wallenberg Hall, Stanford University


(Entrance to Peter Wallenberg Learning Theater)

Opening Remarks Video

Vice President, Keio University: Jun Murai

Session 1: Overview of the 21st Century COE Program at Keio SFC Video

The purpose of this opening session is to explain the research activities of the 21st Century COE (Center of Excellence) program at Keio University SFC (Shonan Fujisawa Campus). The objective of the COE program is to develop the next generation media systems and basic information technologies. It also aims to apply and propose a new architecture of the "intelligent social infrastructure" in the 21st century to support wide range of human activities. To achieve these cross-disciplinary goals, three research groups, namely the Next Generation Information Infrastructure group, the Next Generation Media group, and the Empirical Social Experiment group interact with each another and promote collaborative research projects. The director of the COE program at SFC along with group leaders will talk about the progress obtained so far, and discuss some of the unresolved problems.

Chair: Hideyuki Tokuda
Presentation: Jun Murai
Presentation: Hiroaki Chiyokura
Presentation: Ikuyo Kaneko

2-Minute Madness (Overview presentation of posters and demos) Video



Coffee Break (Wallenberg Hall Lobby)

Session 2: Media Communication Design Video

The advent of network and pervasive computing has a great impact on our lifestyle, work style and learning style. As a consequence, we are experiencing the ongoing transition from mass media to personal media, from physical activities to online activities.The paradigm shift has spawned a new design domain "media design" which strives to integrate design approaches such as experience design, social networking design, interaction design, and content design.This session presents research works exploring various areas in media design to build compelling and memorable experiences that reflect the social change.

Chair: Masahiko Inakage
Presentation: Junichi Yura
Presentation: Lars Erik Holmquist
Presentation: Atsuro Ueki
Presentation: Nicolas Villar

12:30-14:30: Lunch & Poster Session

Lunch: Citrus Courtyard
Poster Session: Student Lounge 120

Session 3: Social Infrastructure and Applications Video

We are now gradually shifting from PC era to ubiquitous computing era. In this era, not only the technical issues for ubiquitous computing but also the social issues become key factors to successfully create the new horizon. In this session we will discuss the social implications of ubiquitous life and their applications, such as vision of new concept for intellectual property, recording and tele-conferencing of the voice communications, and influences of media to human beings.

Chair: Michiaki Yasumura
Presentation: Rihoko Inoue
Presentation: Takashi Kowata
Presentation: Clifford Nass
Presentation: Mark Chignell


Coffee Break (Wallenberg Hall Lobby)

Round Table Session: The Shape of Future Society Video

This session will wrap up the entire workshop by free exchange of opinions on expectations and possible problems of future society. How can information technologies contribute to innovative social infrastructure? Are there any possibilities of creating new problems? Can we expect a better society?

Chair: Ikuyo Kaneko
Presentation: Michael Linton
Presentation: Le Ricky Lu
Presentation: Sureswaran Ramadass
Presentation: Scott S. Fisher


Workshop General Chair: Ikuyo Kaneko