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Thursday, January 22nd, 2004 [6-7th Floor Conference Room, East Bldg.]

Opening Remarks

Keio University, President, Y.Anzai
The 21st Century COE Program Director, H.Tokuda

Session 1: Interactive Media & Forthcoming Society

Freer and more creative human communication has been brought about by digital communication technology. The resulting "interactive media" are promoting a formation of "interactive society with information commons" which are empowering individual's roles and abilities. In this session, we will discuss the possibilities and potential problems we face in such a forthcoming society.

Chair: H. Tokuda
Guest Speaker: James H. Morris
Guest Speaker: David Farber
Speaker: I. Kaneko


Coffee Break (Poster Session / Demonstration)

Session 2: Technologies for Advanced Knowledge & Its Representation

Information technology has made it possible for us to share and integrate human knowledge based on new methods and representation models. These methods and representation models have been realized by using communication networks, software nano-and other technologies. We will discuss effects and contributions of the next generation technologies on knowledge and its representation.

Chair: J. Murai
Speaker: T. Hagino
Speaker: Y. Kiyoki
Speaker: Y. Koike


Lunch (Poster Session / Demonstration)

Session 3: Supporting & Understanding Tacit Knowledge & Human Activities

Determinants of human activities include brain, body and mind. Deeper understanding of the explicit and tacit functions of these elements would help enable a more effective support of various human activities. This session discusses future issues of human activities and supporting environment.

Chair: T. Fukuda
Speaker: K. Furukawa
Speaker: M. Yasumura
Guest Speaker: Bo N. Schenkman
Guest Speaker: Elizabeth D. Mynatt


Coffee Break (Poster Session / Demonstration)

Session 4: Next Generation Media Design

The global and ubiquitous environment of digital technology is encouraging a formation of a brand new media creation platform with brand new participants. In this session we discuss the possibilities and examples of intelligent and sophisticated media design environment.

Chair: H. Chiyokura
Speaker: N. Okude
Speaker: M. Inakage
Speaker: K. Kohiyama
Guest Speaker: Scott S. Fisher




Friday, January 23rd, 2004 [6-7th Floor Conference Room, East Bldg.]

Session 5: Toward Interactive Learning Systems

Interactive learning systems including e-learning have a potential to revolutionalize the conventional, one-way educational style at schools. We will discuss basic concepts, state-of-the-art technologies and practices at classrooms and universities.

Chair: A. Koishi
Speaker: H. Chiyokura
Speaker: K. Okawa
Guest Speaker: Kim Jones
Guest Speaker: Clifford A. Hill


Coffee Break (Poster Session / Demonstration)

Session 6: Trust Formation by@IT & Social Acceptance

For consumers, the use of information technologies such as electronic clinical records and IC tags on one hand provides security. But at the same time, social acceptance is indispensable for IT systems to work as they are intended to. We focus on medical and welfare applications.

Chair: K. Yoshino
Guest Speaker: T. Yoshioka
Speaker: J. Murai
Speaker: S. Miyagawa
Guest Speaker: David Farber


Lunch (Poster Session / Demonstration)

Session 7: Environmental Management & Community Formation

For solving global environmental problems and for promoting urban restorations, it is important to develop a decision making process based on partnership between local government and citizens. We discuss methods, applications and examples, which will eventually promote the formation of global community.

Chair: Y. Takefuji
Speaker: H. Fukui
Speaker: M. Ishikawa
Speaker: T. Kobayashi
Guest Speaker: T. Niitsu
Guest Speaker: Timothy W. Foresman


Coffee Break (Poster Session / Demonstration)

Session 8: Summary & Forthcoming Issues

In this final session of the 21st Century COE Program symposium, we review all the discussions conducted during the two days and identify forthcoming issues.

Chair: I. Kaneko
Guest Speaker: Kilnam Chon
Commentator: H. Tokuda
Commentator: H. Chiyokura
Commentator: H. Tokuda
Commentator: J. Murai
Summary: I. Kaneko